About us

Ultra.rs – is a service for creating the kits of modular wiring devices. The service does not deal with the sale of equipment, but provides a list of equipment that is possible to buy only at the authorized distributors. The prices of the products are informative and we are not responsible for any changes or differences between the prices that the user can get from the authorized distributors.


Ultra.rs – Tool for Creating Electro-wiring deivices

This tool can be used by anyone who needs to create different kits of: switches, buttons, dimmer, power-sockets, thermostats, motion-detectors, computer-sockets, TV and audio sockets, boxes, masks, etc.

At the moment service has a simple concept that the end-user use:

  • selecting the supports located in the lower right corner of the display
  • selecting modular mechanisms
  • select frames
  • determining the amount of equipment kits
  • automatically create a list of products by clicking the “Create Product List” button
  • After creating the list, the last step is to download the product list in the .pdf file

The service currently supports two languages: Serbian and English

Please do not hesitate to use the form on the Contact page to ask us questions.

Sincerely, Ultra.rs